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Mexican Women that Have Inspired Us

History will reveal the many women who have helped their respective countries grow as a nation with their many contributions to the cultural, political and scientific wealth of their countries. This is very true in Mexico where many remarkable women have pushed the boundaries and helped to form what Mexico is today, a land whose culture is rich and varied. Native Mexicans will definitely know the women heroes of their country. If you are not, then take this time to appreciate what these women have done to make great changes in their country.

Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz was a seventeenth century nun who has influenced her country in many ways. She was a feminist, writer, and poet and has contributed a lot of writings which remain today. As a child, she made good in school but later realized that being a nun would help her better make use of her gifts. While studying literature, music, science, history, and theology, she continued doing her writings while in the vocation that she chose. Her writing was not confined to herself but she made correspondences with known personalities in the outside world. She was also known to have written extraordinary and controversial pieces. Her famous poem, You Foolish Men attacks the hypocritical attitudes of women while emphasizing women’s rights in a country know for rampant prostitution. Long dead, her writing still continues to have cultural influence in the life of the country.

Frida Kahlo is a twentieth century surrealist painter and a forerunner of the feminist art movement. She was unfortunate to have suffered polio as a young child which left her with a twisted spine and pelvis, and withered right foot. Her ambition of becoming a doctor was shattered by a terrible accident that left her disabled and suffering pain for the rest of the life. This, however, has been the inspiration of her surrealist paintings and self portraits. Mexico is proud to have a great painter in the person of Frida Kahlo.

Another great Mexican woman is Catirina Galeana Gomez, a teacher during the beginning of Mexico’s literacy program. She entered politics and became the first woman elected in government as a city council representative. Her commitment was to fight for women to be heard as equal citizens. Her work has paved the way for new generations of Mexican women to run for political office.

These three are just a few of the great Mexican women who have contributed a lot to their country. Visiting Mexico is one good way to add to your knowledge of where these women made their marks. If you want to visit the museums of Frida Kahlo and Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz then you can stay at the hotels en Veracruz. You can also take a trip to the east coast and visit the home of Caritina Galeana Gomez in Zihuatanejo.